Monday, March 16, 2015

Recently Published Work

I have some exciting news. Last year I entered an online contest with One of my paintings was excepted into the second edition book they were doing highlighting over 100 contemporary Acrylic artist and here it is. Acrylic Works 2, The Best Of Acrylic Painting, Radical Breakthroughs, Edited By Jamie Markle, Published by North light Books, An imprint of F+W Media. 
This is a great honor for me and I would like to thank Jamie Markle and everyone else involved with this Book for making it happen. To see my painting and the page it is on in the book, click here to see a PDF.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Painting For The Fair

Been a wile since I have posted anything here. My time has been consumed with getting a website up for my art and I have neglected my painting and this blog. The website is almost done so it was long past time to get back in the studio. As I have mentioned before, working a full time job does not leave me much time to work on my art. Which is frustrating at times but If I keep doing a little each day I will get their. I finally decided what I am going to do for the San Diego County Fair this year. It is a little late to be getting started but it is a small piece so I am confident I will have it done in time. The submission deadline is about a month and a half away. So I need to get er done! I have two other paintings that I am working on also right now. One I had finished a couple of years ago, but it acquired some cracks and I have been trying to fix it. The other one I had started last year and felt it was time to get back to completing it. There is another piece that I was thinking of throwing on the painting mill also. The problem is trying to figure out were to set all these paintings wile I do work on them. I have limited space. Hay there is a corner of the bed I could use, lol! So stay tuned, I have more beautiful art coming and some exciting news to.

Soli Deo Gloria

Painting for the fair. More details coming soon.