Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sunday I went to the awards ceremony for the art show I entered recently in Carlsbad CA. I did not win anything but that is OK! Being excepted into another Juried event is reward enough! Wile I was there I decided to checked out another gallery a couple of doors down from the show, Moseley Fine Art Gallery. I spoke to the owner/artist John Moseley. Really nice guy and a vary talented artist. Loved his work. Come to fined out that he had a piece in the show also and didn't win anything either. You just never know what the judges are going to like and you can't let it get to you! If you go up there check out his gallery to. There is another gallery a block east on State Street, Viz Art Ink. They have some pretty cool art in there also. I have not done much painting lately. Been focusing on a web page design and getting it up and running. I need to finish it so I can get back to painting. There is another show in November that I would like to enter.