Friday, September 9, 2011

Yes You Can

I am finally getting back into painting, wow! Maybe the best way for me to describe it is finding that long lost love and never wanting to let go again. You know you are going to have to work hard at it, “really hard”, in order to keep it this time but the rewards will be worth it. Painting again has been a lot of fun for me and I have learned some new things as usual. Yes, there have been frustrations and times when I just want to give up on it, but I've stuck with it. I had to keep telling myself, “You can do this Mark, don't give up” My mantra is, “YES YOU CAN” something my Dad said to me a long time ago when he asked me to do some paintings for him and it has just stuck in my mind since he passed away in 2009. I do not want to give up on my dream this time and I can't. I would be lying if I said I wasn't downright scared because I know I have to promote myself at some point and it is not one of my better qualities; writing isn't either! And I am, well, somewhat intimidated by doing this blog. I have had a lot of support and encouragement from family and friends over the years and I owe it to them to keep at it. Time to take that leap of faith and step out of my comfort zone! I owe a special thanks to Jennifer Wheeler for her help in the “editing” of my thoughts for here and my web site. Thank you dear! I hope you enjoy my blog and that you will learn and be encouraged by it as well as I do also from those who comment on what I post.


  1. Mark, I'm so pleased for you and proud of you for taking this scary first step. If this painting is a sample of what you are capable of, you have nothing to worry about. It is BEAUTIFUL! Go! Go! Go! Keep painting and keep posting your work. Your authenticity and your passion and your talent will get you just the right kind of attention.

    When you say yes to the Universe, it always responds in kind. "Yes, a thousand times, Yes."

    Good luck and happy painting, my friend!

  2. Mark
    You have the talent & passion to do anything you want. The only way you can fail is not to try. I have seen some of your work & it is excellent. I was impressed when I first saw your painting of the whales years ago hanging in your dads house. Your use of color & attention to detail amazed me.
    Get out there & show them what you got....
    I can't wait to see more

    Randy Chenowth

  3. LOVE, love, love this painting of the whales!! Can't wait to see more of your work and happy to help with the editing!

  4. Thanks everyone. Boy! I thought keeping up with Facebook was tough.